Hair Restoration

Restoring a Thick and Full Head of Hair

Experience the magic of a full, thick head of hair once again. Whether hair loss has been your companion due to aging, hormonal imbalances, or life's stressful events, Skin Health Practice is here to guide you towards rejuvenating hair solutions.

Debunking Hair Loss Myths

Contrary to popular belief, hair loss isn't just a male predicament. Women, across various age groups, experience hair thinning or shedding. Especially pronounced during their 50s, hair loss can strike at any phase of life, and its reasons vary vastly.

Root Causes of Hair Thinning

• Nutritional Deficiency: Our tresses mirror our nutritional health. Prioritizing a diet rich in vitamins A, E, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids ensures lustrous, strong hair.

• Hormonal Imbalances: Hair woes might be signaling deeper hormonal issues. Restoring hormonal harmony can often rejuvenate both skin and hair.

• Life's Stresses: Significant life events like pregnancy, surgical procedures, or chronic illnesses may be the unseen culprits behind hair loss. Tackling the root cause is imperative.

Introducing PRP Hair Restoration

Harness your body's healing power with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. By injecting concentrated platelets from your own blood, we stimulate natural hair growth and fortify hair strands, leading to increased thickness and vitality.

Microneedling & Beyond

For those grappling with partial hair loss, microneedling offers a promising avenue. Complemented by Bioten during and post-treatment, this approach ensures accelerated hair growth. Our clinicians are also equipped to recommend potent hair loss supplements and specialized aftercare products.


Personalized treatments like PRP therapy, microneedling, and holistic aftercare can significantly restore hair volume and health.

PRP or Platelet-rich plasma therapy involves using concentrated platelets from the patient's own blood to invigorate hair growth.

Absolutely! Especially when administered by experts and tailored to individual needs.

It varies based on individual needs, but PRP therapy is gaining acclaim for its organic and effective results.

PRP hair treatment involves extracting platelets from the patient's blood and injecting them into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and health.

Why Skin Health Practice for Hair Restoration?

We blend cutting-edge technology with a profound understanding of individual needs. Our mission is to revive not just your hair but also your confidence.

Real Stories, Real Results

Reclaim Your Luscious Locks

Don't let hair loss dull your spirit. With Skin Health Practice by your side, embark on a journey to restore, rejuvenate, and rejoice. Ready for transformation? Reach out to us or call today!

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