Nail Fungal Treatment

Skin Health Practice will introduce you to advanced treatments for common yet challenging skin and nail conditions. One such condition is onychomycosis, a nail fungal infection that affects a significant percentage of the population. Delve in to discover how our state-of-the-art 1064 nm wavelength treatment can be your answer to clear, healthy nails.

Understanding the Issue: Onychomycosis

Onychomycosis, more commonly recognized as nail fungus, is a condition that alters the appearance and health of the nail plate. People with this condition often notice white discolouration or yellow patches on their nails, and in severe cases, the nail may be overrun by keratinaceous material. This infection, which affects both men and women, albeit more common in men, is a persistent challenge for many, with some studies suggesting it affects up to 30% of individuals.

Cutting-Edge Solutions: The 1064 nm Treatment

Skin Health Practice is proud to offer an innovative solution for onychomycosis with the 1064 nm wavelength treatment. This method targets the water cells within the fungus, utilizing heat to obliterate the fungus from the inside. The brilliance of this treatment lies in its precision and ability to offer temporary enhancement in the clarity of nails affected by onychomycosis.

Treatment Steps & Regimen

Our process is straightforward yet effective. Patients undergo treatments monthly, with the total number of sessions contingent upon the severity of the infection and how diligently post-care instructions are followed. While some patients find success after just four monthly sessions, a typical regimen ranges between 1-6 treatments.


The 1064 nm wavelength treatment, which we provide, is among the most effective methods to swiftly and efficiently combat nail fungus.

It often results from exposure to damp environments, such as public showers, or from minor skin or nail injuries.

Onychomycosis is the medical term for fungal infection of the nails.
What is the cause of onychomycosis? The infection typically arises from fungal organisms, with certain environments or conditions making one more susceptible.

Symptoms include yellowing, thickening, or crumbling of the nail, accompanied by occasional pain.

Why Choose Skin Health Practice?

At Skin Health Practice, our commitment lies in offering avant-garde treatments backed by science and expertise. Your nail health is pivotal to us, and we assure a personalized approach, guiding you through every step of your recovery journey.

Client Testimonials

Kalia Popovska
Kalia Popovska
I am very pleased with Su’s treatment for hair laser. She treats my skin with care and provides support throughout the whole treatment journey. As I haven’t yet finished the full treatment (hair laser removal), I cannot see the final outcome yet, however I do feel positive. Thank you Su.
Sarah Pasha
Sarah Pasha
Very clean clinic, very nice skin treatments
Eidvile Jonikaite
Eidvile Jonikaite
Amazing service, very professional atmosphere, really happy with my first session and looking forward to upcoming ones!!
Anita Shah
Anita Shah
I’ve had my first session at skin clinic and can honestly say it was such an easy and comfortable experience for me. Su is absolutely amazing! From the moment I walked in for my consultation, she was so warm and friendly and she explained everything so that I knew exactly what to expect and immediately felt at ease. My first session with Su was straightforward and pain free, I felt no discomfort afterwards. I am certain my forthcoming laser sessions will be just as comfortable and would highly recommend this place for laser - or any other treatment. The care before and after treatment by Su is excellent! 10/10 for me 🙂
Lina R
Lina R
Honestly cannot recommend Sue enough! After giving up on my skin I went to Sue to see what could be done and after only two sessions and the skincare I purchased from her, I see life changing results! I am very impressed and feel more confident with my skin thanks to Sue!
Anjali Yadav
Anjali Yadav
Su is a great and passionate medical practitioner. Hair laser removal sessions are great and she's very considerate and informative. Highly recommended!
Sangita Karanjkar
Sangita Karanjkar
First impression warm friendly welcome by Sujata. She gave me detailed information about the treatment and products. Precise analysis of my skin and plan of treatment. Everything in 1st session. Within two days of using products my skin looks healthy. I gained so much confidence and looking forward for my treatment. Thanks Sujata for leading me to a youthful skin again.
Fiona Dias
Fiona Dias
It's a great experience from start to end. I am very much thankful to Dr Sue who suggested best treatment for my face. In her first free consultation she explains everything about the treatment and products. I am very happy with my treatment and now i don't have to waste my money in parlours. I recommend people SKIN HEALTH PRACTICE.
Tara J
Tara J
I have had brilliant results with my laser, which I was initially nervous about due to my dark skin. Su is always so cheerful and professional, even when she has had a long day she still makes me feel so comfortable. Su has so much knowledge and is very experienced. I would 1000% recommend to anyone with skin concerns, or anyone who is interested in laser hair removal!!
I had an amazing time with su she was very welcoming and kind and made me feel very relaxed as it is my first time trying out laser. The procedure went smooth and she was very kind and gave me lots of helpful advice. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and will definitely be going back for all my other procedures also.

Your Next steps to healthier nails

Your journey to healthier, clearer nails begins here. With our groundbreaking 1064 nm wavelength treatment, bid adieu to persistent nail fungal infections. Connect with us today to schedule your first session and embrace the confidence of beautiful nails.

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